General Dynamics

Management Team

MICHAEL J. MULLIGAN - Vice President & General Manager, BIW
SCOTT BLACKBURN - Director, OPC & Surface Ships Programs, BIW 
THOMAS A. BROWN - Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, BIW & NASSCO
JERRY S. CASHMAN - Vice President, Engineering, BIW & NASSCO
JIM CORR - Director, Planning, BIW
JON A. FITZGERALD - Deputy, General Counsel, BIW & NASSCO
BOB HAYWARD - Vice President, Ship Completion and Test, BIW
DIRK LESKO - Vice President, Surface Combatants, BIW
MATTHEW LUXTON - Vice President and General Counsel, BIW & NASSCO
MATT REID - Vice President, Operations, BIW
GERALD STERGIO - Vice President, Human Resources, BIW & NASSCO
PATRICK S. THOMAS - Vice President, Materials & Quality, BIW

Bargaining Units

JAY WADLEIGH - President, Local S6, IAMAW
DAN LOUDERMILK - President, Local S7 IAMAW
KIRK DOUGLASS - President, Bath Marine Draftsmen's Association
NICK KIMBALL - President, Independent Guards Association