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General Dynamics Bath Iron Works isn't merely a shipyard. We are a full-service facility that specializes in the manufacture of highly outfitted, complex modules. They can be ships, they can be civil engineering structures, they can be any manner of large, complex assembly that requires rigorous attention to quality and detail.

We've recently converted mothballed molten sulfur tankers to a quite different use - as deepwater offshore platform support vessels - by radically changing the hull to include directional positioning bow thrusters. You probably saw them on TV, playing an important part in the activities to stop the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico last summer.

We have the resources and skills to make a huge difference to your next complex project.

We're involved in the early stages of a number of alternative energy projects that require the kind of large-scale yet precise fabrication that we have specialized in for over a century. It's a natural fit.

Think about it: what's more complex or vulnerable than a ship on the high seas? Well, not our ships, maybe. But what ships have in common with barges, platforms, etc., is that by design they're marine structures of the highest quality. Ones that have to work perfectly in all weather when the nearest assistance may be hundreds of miles away, and people's lives depend on the outcome. People say 'Bath-Built Is Best Built' for a very good reason.

Specific Skills

You should be thinking about GDBIW if you are looking for innovation, quality and affordability.

Here are some specific skills and facilities we have to offer:

  •     Design & Engineering
  •     Material Procurement
  •     Fabrication
  •     Assembly & Outfit
  •     Integration & Test
  •     Life Cycle Support
  •     A 1,000-person engineering & design staff with expertise in 3-D CAD and Design For Productibility
  •     ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 certification
  •     Sheet metal and pipe fabrication
  •     320,000 square feet of coverage assembly space
  •     40,000 square feet of blast & paint facilities
  •     Climate controlled facility to fabricate modular units of up to 5,000 tons
  •     A three-position assembly and integration facility with a 600-ton crane lift capacity
  •     A 26,000-ton drydock for launch and retrieval
  •     Pierside services
  •     Extensive government contracting experience

Offshore Wind

These are early days, but Bath Iron Works is keeping a careful eye on opportunities in the offshore wind energy sector. We've participated in some studies, we've been on a fact-finding tour to Europe, we've talked with many contenders interested in developing offshore wind. We'll have more to say on this subject before 2011 is out.

At this stage, what we can tell you is limited: but be assured that BIW's engineering and construction skills and the nature and location of its facilities make it a logical choice when considering the development of this new industry in the Northeast.

What we can say is that offshore Maine has been called 'the Saudi Arabia of Wind'. Why? Above left, a National Renewable Energy Laboratory (US Dept of Energy) plot of east coast wind power potential, where red represents the best opportunities. Above right, an Ocean Energy Institute plot of mean sustained wind speeds. The dark brown represents consistently high velocities.