General Dynamics

DDG 115 START FAB: December 20, 2011

Here at General Dynamics Bath Iron Works, we hold a ceremony to mark the start of fabrication ("Start Fab") of a new ship. On December 20, 2011 a group of employees at our Hardings fabrication facility in East Brunswick and Navy representatives gathered to recognize completion of the first sub-assembly for the new Arleigh Burke class destroyer, the as-yet unnamed DDG 115. Below, some of the participants gather in front of the new ship's sign after the brief 15-minute ceremony.

[Left to Right:  Jim Favreau, Director of Fabrication; Dave Clark, VP of Operations; CAPT Jerome Zinni, USN (SupShip Bath), Tait Brown, Hardings plant manager, Jeff Geiger, President of GD Bath Iron Works, and Bob Hayward, VP of Engineering)]