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This appendix defines, through the use of SDRL Codes, the supplementary requirements and documentation the Seller must provide the Buyer in the areas of Testing, Certification, Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), Qualified Products Listings (QPL), Shock, Vibration, EMI Qualifications, Welding Procedures, Provisioning, Technical  Manuals, Drawings, Protection and Preventative Maintenance, and Tools and Test Equipment to support the requirements of the ship construction contract with the U.S. Navy. 

The SDRL Codes and their definitions are shown in Table I.




The Seller shall comply with the procedures, perform the tests, and provide the documentation required by the SDRL Codes shown on the purchase order.  The SDRL Codes required for each of the Buyer’s catalog numbers on the purchase order are identified by the four digit alpha-numeric code contained on the Sample Purchase Order as shown on Figure (1). The description of the tests and documentation required for each SDRL Code is provided within this appendix on the following pages.  Most SDRL Code requirements include documentation submittals.  Submittals shall be made to the Buyer’s Documentation Center utilizing a transmittal letter as a cover sheet in accordance with Figure (2).  Documentation for only one SDRL Code shall be submitted with each transmittal letter.  Specific submission instruction is provided with the applicable SDRL Code description.  Table II provides direction in regards to documentation delivery schedules.


New SELLER Requirement as of Appendix G, Revision R, dated 10/8/2007.



           From this point forward all VFI shall be transmitted electronically via the NIIIP-SPARS VES. If you have any questions regarding submittals please contact the VFI Coordinators:

Please contact the BUYER VFI/VES Administrator at 207 442-5231 to establish your company VES Administrator.


          The BUYER at Bath Iron Works has deployed an Internet based application to assist in managing the VFI process. This Internet application developed by a consortium of shipbuilders, suppliers and IBM is called NIIIP-SPARS (National Industrial Information Infrastructure Protocols – Shipbuilding Partners and Suppliers) and was sponsored by the US Navy through the NSRP (National Shipbuilding Research Project). IBM Global Services hosts these applications as well as other applications on secure servers called a Virtual Enterprise Server (VES), accessible by user ID and Password coupled with a shipyard feature to enable users in the process as well as specific ship construction programs.

        SPARS applications are web-based and require the user to have a PC with a Microsoft Internet explorer web browser version 5.5 or greater. The SELLER shall note that the address for the site when provided is prefaced with https. All data transmitted to and from BUYER is encrypted and meets or exceeds FIPS 140-1 standards. The SELLER has access to all data they create and transmit to and from the SPARS VES however they do not have access to any other supplier’s data. The SELLER may also access the status of their data at all times via the web browser. User ID and password authentication is required to gain access to the site and users are challenged to regain access after 15 minutes of idle time. An embedded user guide is provided with specific examples on how to use the system or one-on-one guidance can be provided at your request by contacting the numbers listed below.

        SPARS participation is by “Invitation Only”. This means that the BUYER needs to initially “invite” a SELLER to participate in the process. The BUYER VFI Coordinator who notifies the BUYER VFI Administrator of their desire to bring a SELLER on line triggers SELLER invitations. At this point, the VFI Administrator needs to be provided the full name and e-mail address of the individual who will act as the primary contact at the SELLER’s facility who will also in turn act as the SPARS administrator for the SELLER.


          From this point forward all VFI shall be transmitted electronically via the NIIIP-SPARS VES. If you have any questions regarding submittals please contact the VFI

    Coordinators:         Please contact the BUYER VFI/VES Administrator at  207 442-5231 to establish your company VES Administrator.









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Table I:    SDRL Codes and Definition


Figure 1 : Sample Purchase Order


Table II:  SDRL Schedule


Referenced Documents


SDRL CODE Descriptions


*      C031      Software Version Record

*      E001       Drawings

*      E011       Welding, Brazing and Allied Process Procedure (DDG-51)

*      E012       Welding, Brazing and Allied Process Procedure (DDG-1000)

*      L001       Provisioning Parts List

*      L002       Statement of Prior Submission (or COI if applicable)

*      L004       Item List Requirements (DDG-51)

*      L005       Design Change Notice

*      L006       Tools and Test Equipment

*      L008       Protection and Preventive Maintenance

*      L009       Existing Manuals

*      L010       Technical Manual Development Plan

*      L012       Technical Manual, Permanent Change Pages, Equipment/System

*      L013       Technical Manual, Manuscript (Pre-FY94), Review Draft Copy (FY94AF)

*      L014       Technical Manual, Preliminary

*      L015       Technical Manual, Camera Ready Copy (Pre-FY94), Final Reproducible Copy (FY94AF)

*      L021       Commercial Manual

*      L022       Technical Publications and Technical Repair Standards (DDG-1000)

*      QCOD     Calibration Certificate

*      QCOF     ABS Certificate

*      QCOH     Material Safety Data Sheet

*      QCOI      Qualified Product Listing

*      QCOL     Shelf Life Identification

*      QCOV     Volatile Organic Compounds

*      QIOT       Packaging and Marking for Titanium

*      QTOA     Chemical Test Reports

*      QTOB      Physical Test Reports

*      QTOC     Compression Test Reports

*      QTOG     Non-Destructive Test Report

*      T014       Electromagnetic Interference Qualification Test Plan (DDG-51)

*      T015       Electromagnetic Interference Qualification Test Report (DDG-51)

*      T016       Electromagnetic Interference Qualification Test Plan (DDG-1000)

*      T017       Electromagnetic Interference Qualification Test Report (DDG-1000)

*      T018       Electromagnetic Interference Qualification Extension (COI,DDG-1000)

*      T019       Electromagnetic Interference Qualification Certification (DDG-1000)

*      T020       Electromagnetic Environmental Effects Verification Procedure(DDG-1000)

*      T021       Electromagnetic Environmental Effects Verification Report(DDG-1000)

*      T034       Electromagnetic Interference Qualification Extension (or COI if applicable)(DDG-51)







General Material Requirement Links By Subject




COI   General Material Certificate of Identicality (Printable form)


  (Transmittal Letter)


Data Product Deliverables Form


Technical Publications and Technical Repair Standards (For General Material)


For DDG51 Arleigh Burke Class  General Material


                              Technical Manual Development Plan (TMDP)


For DDG1000 Zumwalt Class  General Material


                              BIW Specification 086-01    Technical Publications and Technical Repair Standards (TRS)